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The page just started, so there is not much data. In the future this page will provide details about a large variety of Ubuntu software and applications that run on Ubuntu easily. It should be also useful to users of other Operating Systems (Fedora, openSuSe, Debian, Mandriva and even Windows or MacOS).
I hope that You will help making this page better - to become ultimate encyclopedia with short reviews and many, many tutorials, videotutorials and HOWTOs for smaller and bigger Ubuntu applications. I want it to become a page without many words, but with a lot of screenshots and videos.
English is not my native language so excuse my mistakes. You can edit every page here and help making this wiki the ultimate source of the knowledge about applications for Ubuntu.

Alternatives - list of alternatives for Windows applications on your Ubuntu (or any) Linux


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I don't have time now, sorry for no updates on the page.

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