Review: Pdfedit
  • Reviewed version: 0.31 on Ubuntu 7.10.

PDFedit is somewhat basic but powerful application that allowes you to edit your PDF files in a graphical, easy way. You can view the document in the center window, show it's elements (pages, objects) on the left and make some changes by command line or via menu and the toolbar.


On the toolbar you have option to navigate the document, open, save, show options (complicated and a little cluttered), close, reload the page, undo and redo, edit the page metrics (to cut or add something). Next you can add system font to the document, transform page in a complicated way (by matrix), change the zoom and erase or move the current page.
Second toolbar allowes you to draw some typical PDF objects - linex, boxes, text-boxes, change text attributes (strike or highlight some text), change color and width of added objects… You can show different revisions of the file, change color, font and line width (this time for an object already in existance), select something. The last toolbar is for adding and removing objects and changing the font and size of the text.


The menu gives you have typical file and edit operations (same as on the toolbars), an ability to hide or show some interface ellements (View menu) and some simple options and help system.


Complicated but powerful application for basic PDF files modifications.

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