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To add a review enter the name of the Tutorial below, modify the template and create the page. Don't be afraid of experimenting - every mistake can be corrected later.

Don't forget to add some tags to the newly created page!
After that set the parent page (option at the bottom of the page - just where edit button is) to software:name-of-the-application - where "name-of-the-application" is the name of the application you are writing a tutorial to. If there is no software:name-of-the-application page -add one first.
To add screenshots you need to become a member of this site - just apply, I'll add you on a short notice. After that you just upload a screenshot via the files option on the bottom of the new page and modify:

[[gallery size="small"]]
: add images later

To something like that:

[[gallery size="small"]]
: your-firstscreenshot1.jpg
: your-firstscreenshot2.jpg
: another-screenshot.jpg

If you have questions about wikidot WIKI syntax - look here.

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